TED 2010

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

I had the pleasure of being invited to talk and exhibit at TED in Palm Springs last week. Here’s some new coverage:

Image copyright: Leigh Rowan

See photos of the event here.

2 responses to “TED 2010”

  1. karen linderman says:

    Hi Evan,

    I found your site in doing some research for a proposal I am writing for an art installation project that I am working on. I tried to email you, but I don’t seem to be getting an email window when I click “contact”. I am looking for an artist to collaborate on the sound visualization for this piece. If you send me your email I will elaborate. Mine is klinder63@msn.com

    Many thanks.

  2. monil says:

    do u have a coverage video of your talk??

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