Autostadt VAG Wolfsburgh Germany

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

The birth place of Volkswagen. As a classic VW geek how could I resist. That reminds me, here’s my long lost love 🙁Off we set to perform some projection mapping at the Volkswagen Audi Group equivalent of Disney land. Celebrating the 10th birthday of the autostadt with a festival of light!
Check out the video below.

4 responses to “Autostadt VAG Wolfsburgh Germany”

  1. Benson Trent says:

    Absolutely stunning work you do there. I was on Andrew
    Sullivan in the gym; he featured a recent video of your work on the
    Frank Gehry building in New York. The video kept me going for 10
    more minutes on the bike! I came home and was delighted to see more
    of your work over at Battle of Branchage is AMAIZING.
    What a mind trip! I love that you captured audio of people totally
    flipping out.

  2. Sarah says:

    that absolutely rocks – just seen your interview on the
    BBC: excellent stuff!

  3. Petrvs says:

    One of the most creative forms of art I have seen. Really
    nice stuff. I just saw the bit on the BBC World service and had to
    see more. For the videos: I think the impact would be higher if
    only one shot is used. The changes in perspective are more
    distracting than helpful. Looking forward to see more of this AND
    hopefully live! Cheers!

  4. Snjezana Kauzlaric says:

    Plenty of joy. First step to create and something what will
    be new point of meeting art and people. It will be change view.
    Imagine big part of town animated in this way. It will be livining
    in the future. Congratulations

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