The reputation our host had for breakfast was well deserved. Meat eggs, fruit, cereal, coffee juice and more. I parted company with the Dutch couple and headed to the ruins with Morten and Theis. On the way as predicted on our sketchy map was a beautiful waterfall hidden in the green.

We arrived at the museum containing the most precious contents of the city.

IMG_0423 IMG_0422

We continued into a labyrinth of paths that guided us through some of the ancient cities outer suburbs. In times of past these would be the dwellings of the ‘normal’ or poorer inhabitants of Palenque. As we climbed further into the jungle the humity was insane. The heat was average for the area; although not feeling too hot, the body responded accordingly to the humidity. Only a short time into the trip and we were all soaked heat to toe. I’m not exaggerating when I say every single piece of my clothing was dripping. Bending down resulted in a puddle on the floor!

IMG_0348 IMG_0359

IMG_0393 IMG_0407

IMG_0366 IMG_0403

After walking and climbing through the mind blowing ruins we guided ourselves by map once more. This time to a waterfall on the opposite site; one we could go in! After stripping to our pants we climbed up and into the waterfall. The water pounded down fierce and calm. I washed all my clothes and rung them out before heading off again.


At the bus stop the Danish guys headed for San Cristobal. With the help of a French guy I got a bus to Villamorsa. Here I changed for the night bus to Vera Cruz. Arriving at 4am I headed to a hotel next to the bus station. Earlier that day I had been listening to Roald Dalh stories revolving around a character called The Stag. Here I found myself chatting to Coryina the girl on reception at the Impala Hotel. I ended up in a room with a double and kingsize bed!