Back to present: I’ve caught up with myself.
Not to self to not end up as one of those silent couples, they’re everywhere.

Today Atoro opted out of my plans. I was once again along, and very comfortable with it. A plentiful breakfast of grapefruit and sugar curtosey of Atoro; and Papaya, oatmeal and cinamon toast from our hostel host, set me for the day.

I grabbed a transfer van outside the hostel, destination ‘Xel-Ha’, in Spanish pronounced: ‘Chl-Ha’, meaning: “The place where the water is born”. This could’nt be more true. A natural tropical paradise dating from the Mayan period. Now a beautiful water park come ecological reserve.


As I write this Im still at Xel-Ha. A beer, water and fish by side. An all inclusive entry giving me free booze food and much more. As the marketing rightly says: “Only the perfection of nature can prove to us that magic exsists and can be found in every corner of Xel’Ha”. I could’nt agree more.

I have snorkelled freely for hours seeing many fish, a ray and much more. I have jumped off a cliff chased giant lizards, eaten until I felt sick, fallen asleep in a hammack, walked over a water and air bridge, played with crabs and drifting along an ancient Mayan river. That’s just the overview, Xel-Ha is a truely magical place. I dream for the future to build such a place!

I spent the evening as the one before locked in conversation with Atoro. Among other things I discovered a friend of his has some kind of brain monitoring system. He used it on himself to discover information on a past life in Peru. He flew to the place and found the grave stone of the name he discovered! We plan to meet with him in Mexico City.