After a good breakfast from Aturo we looked at the Cathedral, the oldest in the Americas.


Following a chat with a random woman we ended up in a shop with the keeper showing us an ornate table cloth. On this the history of the local area was depicted.

Arturo was due to meet his friend Magella today. He suggested I head for the coast to Progresso so I did. After about one hour on the bus I arrived in what was is essentially a seaside resort. Unlike the wealthy resorts of Cancun and the like this area attracted mainly Mexican natives and the occasional cruise liner. All in not a great place with a very Skegness type feel. It was however good to be on my own. I took the opportunity to reflect upon and plan my trip.


On my return to Merida I sat in the Zocalo with Arturo and told reflected. I discussed my plans with him and he whole heartedly approved.

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