Onwards I headed leaving Arturo in Merida I ventured with the dutch couple to Campeche. After a rainy walk and some female tensions we arrived at the Monkey hostel again in the central plaza. The hostel overlooked the beautiful square and cathedral. Campeche appeared a peaceful, clean and very beautiful place, music rang out through the streets. As the sky cleared from the rain a surreal clarity, colour and contrast ignited.


I climbed up onto the hostels roof garden. Here the view afforded was even more stunning. The sun was now down and the cathedral light against the night sky looked purely poetic. Sat drinking were 3 guys; I thought I heard English and was right. Thesis and Morten from Denmark and Diego from Holland. I headed for the summer market and joined them in the kitchen for some beers as we prepared food. They had bought what looked like half a cow. I shared with them as many beef jokes ensued. Later Emily and Gijs joined us again on the roof for beers. I talked of my departure the following morning to Palenque. Everyone decided to join other than Diego who was working as a tour operator in Cancun and left that night.