I awoke very early around 6am (a pattern it appeared would continue!). After some breakfast Tim and I grabbed the R1 bus along the land key that is Cancun’s hotel zone. Like a mini America this was predictably a tourist machine in full effect. We walked fo well over an hour stopping to enquire at some dive shops. Dipping onto the beach where the wall of hotels allowed I grabbed a quick swim in the hot tuquoise waters. The beaches white and quiet and this time of year.


We forged forward somewhat nievely in search of water and a beer. As the sun unknowingly scorched us (especially the lofty white american Tim). After success in the liquid department and another quick swim we jumped the bus back to to town.

Over a traditonal mexican meal of toasted beef rolls, nachos and the like; we stumbled across a shared interest: whisky and ciagrs!
After the blink of an eye we were sat with a 12yr old Chivas and 2 fat mexican cigars. Deep psycological discussion ensued. As I preached my fresh knowledge from the book: “The Powe of Now”. Tim responded rewardingly and we explored the depths of the human mind. By about 4pm the whisky had gone and beers followed. I stupidly stumbled onto the gun topic and discovered the seemingly rational Tim had a liscene to carry a pistol in 2 states and a selection of bigger guns! I don’t get it!

Yet again a very early night; leading to an extremely early rise.