The death judge is the person or thing within us all, the pump attendant of fear. The fuel for our insecurity, the context of our indecision, often the perpetrator of our miss direction.

Mortality can drive us continually forwards, backwards or into loops of stasis. It’s one of the many (but key) things that our western religion, ideologies and culture has truly got distorted.

Death is not something we should fear! In fact (my fact that is) we should do quite the opposite of running from fear. We should embrace it! confronting, challenging and enjoying our fragile existence is one of the most human things we can do…

The death judge is not a grim reaper watching, waiting for us to slip up. It’s not a sieve waiting to filter us into heaven or hell. If anything it’s a challenge to see if we choose to throw away the shackles and ignite our own eternal flame.

The legacy of any existence lives and burns way beyond our departure from conscious waking-ness. If we all live and breath like there’s no tomorrow, as if every moment is another opportunity or chance, then in us there’s something out of deaths glance.

Speak to your loves ones tell everyone near, that when you pop your clogs, don’t worry or mourn in fear. Shout out to everyone those far and dear, it’s time to embrace death and the party’s right here!

(I drew this image whilst sat in a beautiful garden opposite the Picasso museum in Paris. It feels to me like a statue, a legacy of time.