Off I waddle once more, like a lone duck in a pond the size of a sea. A sea that is infinite and endless looping through time. I bob my head looking for an end. A conclusion (in itself a questionable perhaps mythical construct) evades me.

So my waddle turns into a stride as I hop on a metal snake; destined to a pre-determined end! However at it’s end it will only bounce back. Pogoing perception pretending to begin and end.

Back at the circle no start no end. Where do I join it and where will it send. In some aspects of life it seems a valiant battle to break the loops. The mind for example easily puts itself in an unhealthy cycle. But outside of this learned social behavior the notion of Pi, the endless circle; excites and ignites me. Lights my soul, a burning flame with no chance of a flicker. An eternal glowing light my inner being; shouting calmly for all my attention. Ushering me to alter my affection…