Christmas on BBC One

The BBC invited the nation to celebrate the start of its 2012 Christmas Lights in a techno-driven finale at the […]

Steve Zen

This video has done the rounds for a few years now. I just found some notes dating back to about […]

Generation Amiga

This advert had a huge influence on me. It pulled every empathetic string I could imagine. The idea of the […]



Finally I’ve found time to get back to some cymatics research! This video is made of still frames captured at […]

Olympic Closing

We worked with some awesome asian artists for the closing of the London 2012 festival and cultural Olympiad. Lot’s of […]

TED 2012

Back on stage at TED, this time in a very different manner working with the brilliant Jon Ronson, Julian Treasure and Rob Pybus! […]

A Titanic Event

At the front door of the iconic Titanic Belfast building, MTV put together a massive, festival-style concert to mark the […]