Day 11

The reputation our host had for breakfast was well deserved. Meat eggs, fruit, cereal, coffee juice and more. I parted […]

Day 10

On the bus once more arriving at Palenque some 5-6hrs into the mountains and jungle. The town appeared industrial and […]

Day 9

Onwards I headed leaving Arturo in Merida I ventured with the dutch couple to Campeche. After a rainy walk and […]

Day 8

After a good breakfast from Aturo we looked at the Cathedral, the oldest in the Americas.

Day 7

Today I headed from Tulum to the ancient Mayan site of Chichen Itza. One of the biggest Mayan cities and […]

Day 6

I thankfully managed to sleep late. My first memorable dream of the trip. Something bizzarre involving my Dad with the […]

Day 5

Back to present: I’ve caught up with myself. Not to self to not end up as one of those silent […]

Day 4

 Today it was time to move. I had booked a hostel in Tulum. The website sounded amazing. 100m from the […]


This morning I planned to dive. Tim was new to diving; after a sales pitch from me he decided to […]


I awoke very early around 6am (a pattern it appeared would continue!). After some breakfast Tim and I grabbed the […]