Evan Grant is a creative, designer, technologist, and inventor. His studio seeper designs and builds innovative visitor attractions and events; Bringing ideas to life for theme parks, museums, galleries, brands, agencies, retailers, schools, councils, festivals and more…

Evan founded seeper during his first year of study at University and has been working for the past 20 years as a director, developer and producer with a self-applied remit for ‘innovation led wonderment.’

Evan is passionate about natural user interaction, sustainably re-harmonising technology and humanity with nature, responsive environments/architecture and multi- sensory immersive experiences.

He has worked with global brands such as: Google, LEGO, Microsoft, Sony, Nike, Vimeo, Youtube, Intel, Volkswagen, Toyota, Oakley, Nokia and organisations including: Merlin Entertainments, The Science Museum, The V&A, Creative Review, Glastonbury Festival, TED and WIRED magazine…

I’m passionate about:

Changing the world for the better. Taking dreaming and thinking to doing! Harnessing technology, art and nature to enhance peoples lives and build responsive sustainable environments and relationships

Talk to me about:

Visitor attractions, theme parks, museums, galleries, LEGO!, AR, VR, MR, sustainable natural systems, physical pixels, responsive architecture, special needs, immersion, gesture and pose detection, cymatics and hidden data, classic cars and anything else you’re passionate about…

People don’t know that I’m good at:

Building and tapping into passion, serendipity and coincidence. Teaching children and adults. Photography, sound engineering, design, technology and… hugging 😉

An idea worth spreading:

Imagine a world of harmonised natural systems, including technology and humans! By reconnecting to our roots in nature we can unveil the patterns of life, the hidden data, the building blocks of the universe.

By designing in harmony and response to our environment, we can complement and enhance our own evolution without destruction.

By embracing the notion of ‘open source’ we can move away from greed into an open, sharing, balanced world of optimism, honesty and innovation!