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Death Judge

The death judge is the person or thing within us all, the pump attendant of fear. The fuel for our […]


A deep mysterious drop to an ocean unknown. In light of dark unseen. Stone trodden fear frontiers in a patchy […]

The Day After 1987…

Opening wide a hazy head. The excesses of the night before, a virtual time travel vacation. A conversation about Michael […]


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Never feel small; look up, look proud, look tall. Those who never fall will never understand what it is to […]


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Off I waddle once more, like a lone duck in a pond the size of a sea. A sea that […]

Hold fear…

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Love life, love living. Love being, love giving.. Open yourself, look inside, it’s fruitless to lock and hide.


What is fantasy why does it entice me so? Is it the magic of infinite imagination, the opium of my […]


Dawn breaks and another loss to take. As stars sparkle and insight, elsewhere a selfish act of fright. The bells […]


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The torments of our existence are the struggles we have with time. These three states of occurrence past, present and […]