Hi all here’s the first public prototype of our multi touch development.The first two are made of cardboard.Here’s some images of the build. There’s some videos further down.We had some problems with our projector and the screws shorting against the circuit.Although the screws we used weren’t too long once through the wood the insulation under the projector board seemed inadequate.We worked around it with washers and lots of fiddling 🙂Projector alignment oh what fun!We used double sided tape to stick a sheet of Lee frost to our acrylic.The acrylic had a light factory frost on one side creating a smooth touch surface with no drag.Turning the acrylic over resulted in a flush fitting surface. A small amount of sharpness is lost with the frost but very little.The final working unit and the joys of geeking in a freezing cold garage!Here’s a video of a workshop we did with some school kids at Aldeburgh Music.It was very revealing seeing how the kids received, understood and proceeded to try and crash the technology.[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VTinB14Pmw]We spent a week (with a different school each day), helping them release their ideas into a live performance.On the multi touch we used the smoke app and a modification of the art generator application.In addition we used a WiiMote with some graffiti and drawing apps and VDMX vj software.Here’s a group of us showing the power of the smoke app.There’s some lag as we are using a 30fps camera. 60fps planned for next build.[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZHoPHAffT8]The next video is us playing out of hours with osc and four computers.Apologies for the quality I filmed this one handed on a camera phone.[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVDIOjuewCg]Here’s the setup1x mac running bootcamp and osc touchlib.2x mac’s running VDMX receiving OSC and mapping it to the x and y of a Quartz composer model model displaying live video as a four way 3D fan.1x mac running albeton live – we mapped the osc to control pitch and velocity.The key to this setup was an awesome little app called OSCulator.This enabled us to forward and remap the osc as we desired.We did some playing around trying to isolate each finger blob to no avail.If anyone would like to help us with this it would be great.We have plans for a circular high spec metal table (ala mac pro casing).Suppliers are needed in the UK for assistance with the design and build so shout if you can help.I’ll put plans up for this shortly.Finally we’re looking to involve 1 to 2 programmers full or part time in London to work on Multi Touch apps.Specifically exploring gestures and new approaches to interface design.If anybody is interested or can point us in the right direction please get in touch.connecting-environments-026_sm.jpg