Coincidences are everywhere, they are entangled and intertwined within the core strands of existence, the fabric of life.

As the density of communication and population rapidly increases so does the frequency of occurrence. The chance encounters, pointers, symbols, people (clues if you like) guiding us along our shared life paths.

This growing tide of (what I choose to term as) spiritual awareness (in a non religious context) is harmonised with and part of a growing feeling of responsibility and morality towards the preservation of existence as a whole.

A sense of collective responsibility necessitates a collective response. The deep rich texture of our social, culturural and technological society enables us for the first time to harness the latent possibilities of the ‘crowd’ Wisdom on mass is our best opportunity to instigate an unprecedented wave of social change.

We the people of the human race are evolving at a speed never seen before. We continue to surpass and in turn further threaten all other forms of nature on a daily basis. As we move from the age of discovery into the time of ‘mastery’, three key revolutions are converging; that of information, bio-technology and quantum mechanics. In order to embrace this future of endless possibilities we must shift and question everything we have been cultured, educated or conditioned to believe and practice.

We must unpick the stitches of our life fabric. Taking a new born child as an opportunity to seed a new world today. Should that child be taught to work, make money and desire products that they will ultimately throw away? Or should that child be taught to understand their own ‘being’, to love to evolve, to see the world and everything on it as an energy or infinite possibilities.

If we want to be masters of our future we must master not just technology but our ability to connect on mass with what and whom we have the potential to be.

The equilibrium of existence is the only chance we have to path a future based around love not destruction; where dreams are lives and imagination is reality.