Last Will

I’m currently working as technical director on a MITE: Multiplatform Immersive Theatrical Experience. I have the pleasure to be working […]

The Pi is out the Oven

Arts and technology collective seeper baked a giant interactive Pi for the 2008 Glastonbury Festival. The filling being the audience. […]

Standing Wave

I’ve just got back from two wonderful weeks in Aldeburgh, Suffolk England. Working with my friends from Flat E, Mike […]

Death Judge

The death judge is the person or thing within us all, the pump attendant of fear. The fuel for our […]


A deep mysterious drop to an ocean unknown. In light of dark unseen. Stone trodden fear frontiers in a patchy […]

The Day After 1987…

Opening wide a hazy head. The excesses of the night before, a virtual time travel vacation. A conversation about Michael […]


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Never feel small; look up, look proud, look tall. Those who never fall will never understand what it is to […]


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Off I waddle once more, like a lone duck in a pond the size of a sea. A sea that […]